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Havana , 1961. Sergio , a wealthy, self-styled writer who has elected to stay and come to terms with the new society, sees off his estranged wife and family. Drifting and yet excited about the changes occurring around him, Sergio reflects on his past life. Later he gets caught up in a messy affair with an underage girl he picks up in the street that leaves him feeling disillusioned. “This transfixing movie, with its mix of freewheeling dialogue scenes, still photo images, and documentary footage, conjures up the uncertain mood of Havana just after the revolution” (Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian). (35mm presentation, Spanish language with English subtitles.)

The novelist and screenwriter Edmundo Desnoes is scheduled to be present.

Latino Film Festival and Conference
The festival and conference are sponsored by Chicano-Riqueño Studies Program, Latino Studies Program, Black Film Center/Archive, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Department of Communication and Culture, Department of History, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Department of American Studies, College Arts and Humanities Institute, Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences, La Casa - Latino Cultural Center, and IU Cinema.

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