About Ray Harryhausen’s Fairytales

Year Released:
Animation, Experimental
Creator of some of cinema’s most memorable creatures, from Cyclops to Hydra to the mighty Kraken, Ray Harryhausen (1920-2013) was a beloved stop motion animator. In honor of his legacy, we present his early stop motion films, made on 16mm between 1941-1953. Among them are The Story of King Midas, featuring a king with a golden touch who came to regret his wealth, and The Story of Little Ride Riding Hood, about a young girl whose trusting nature leads her and her grandmother into trouble. The screening also includes animated military training films, nursery rhymes and creature experiments. (35mm presentation)

Full program includes:
Mother Goose Stories (1946, 10 min.)
The Story Of Little Red Riding Hood (1950, 9 min.)
The Story Of Hansel And Gretel (1951, 10 min.)
The Story Of Rapunzel (1952, 11 min.)
The Story Of King Midas (1953, 10 min.)

35mm prints preserved by the Academy Film Archive.

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