About Time of the Dancer

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A civil war has just ended and the heroes attempt to return to a peaceful way of life. Nonetheless, the war’s presence remains a part of their lives. Too many lives have been torn apart in the turmoil; both the victorious and the defeated have suffered alike. The story chronicles the lives and interaction of those who have been irreversibly scarred by war. In Russian language with English subtitles. (Digital presentation)

Director Vadim Abdrashitov is scheduled to introduce.

Vadim Yusupovich Abdrashitov is a Soviet and Russian film director who has been awarded Russia’s highest artistic honor – the title of People’s Artist. He has made more than a dozen films and is the recipient of numerous awards which include the USSR State Prize, the Nika Award and honors from the Berlin and Venice Film Festivals. Abdrashitov’s films feature an edgy internal cinematic language and shed light on poignant moral issues. The director is a member of the Russian Academy of Film, the Film Director’s Guild of Russia, and is the president of the Studio Ark-Film. Abdrashitov is also a professor at the Russian State Film Institute.

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