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In this genial but thought-provoking documentary, two college friends seek to understand the role that corn plays in American life first by growing it on an acre in Iowa and then following their crop through the food system. With a light touch, the filmmakers demonstrate that the staple, the country’s most subsidized and most produced, permeates the American diet and exacts a price on the environment, public health, and family farms. (35mm presentation)

The film will be introduced by Professor Daniel C. Knudsen. Following the film there will be a discussion led by Professor Richard Wilk and PhD student Angela Babb.

Daniel C. Knudsen is Professor and Chair of the Department of Geography. His research and teaching interests are Food Studies, Tourism and Cultural Geography. He is currently teaching the Themester course Geography of Food.

Richard Wilk is a Provost Professor in the Department of Anthropology. His research interests lie in Economic, Applied, and Cultural Anthropology. He is currently teaching the Themester course Food and Culture.

Angela Babb is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography. Her research interests include food security, urban food deserts, and sustainability. She is teaching a Themester course entitled Food and Poverty in America.

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