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Comedy, Drama
In small-town India, two brothers face bankruptcy and the loss of their family farm unless they can raise cash quickly. At the insistence of a local politician, one brother considers suicide for the government compensation it would bring his family. But what begins as a joke soon spirals out of control when news media catches wind of the scheme. India’s first film to compete at the Sundance Festival, Peepli (Live) is a black comedy that engages critically with the stifling poverty of rural India and the often absurd nature of urban media culture. In Hindi and English languages with English subtitles. (2K DCP presentation)

Feast and Famine in INDIA Through an academic lecture and film screening with Q&A, Feast and Famine in India explores the fundamental structural problems of India’s developing agricultural economy and the social disenfranchisement which emerges from hierarchies of caste and class as they are revealed in rural settings. Vinay Gidwani, Professor of Geography at the University of Minnesota will moderate the post-film Q&A. Sponsors include Dhar India Studies Program, Department of Geography, Themester, and IU Cinema.

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