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An interest in the construction of both natural and man-made space has been a long-standing facet of the experimental film tradition. From Ralph Steiner’s meditation on water to Jenni Olson’s exploration of queer life by way of San Francisco landscapes, these works invite us to be tourists, mourners, and lovers, while we question the ways that we see our surroundings. With shorts spanning from 1920 to 2010, this program includes Jiší Barta’s A Ballad About Greenwood (1983), Ralph Steiner’s H20 (1929), Nathaniel Dorsky’s Variations (1998), Jenni Olson’s Blue Diary (1997), Kenneth Kobland’s Berlin: Tourist Journal (1988), and Ira Sachs’ Last Address (2009). (Various Format presentation) Some of the films contain adult themes or content, and may not be suitable for children.

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