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Tickets available online and in-person on August 17. How does one go about creating mythologies of non-normative experience while exploring history in a markedly queer way? The films in this experimental shorts block work to address this central question. Whether engaged in an exploration of human bodies, of untold histories, or of a mythological landscape with new potential, these films understand their characters, their subject matter, and their form in original and
markedly queer ways. Contains mature content. (Various Formats.)

This shorts program is comprised entirely of contemporary work and includes:
In the Open (Albert Sackl, 2001)
Shift (Juan Carlos Zaldivar, 2012)
Ink Deep (Constance Lévesque, 2012)
But I’m a Genderqueer (Lauren Soldano, 2011)
All Under (Gunilla Leander, 2003, U.S. Premiere)
Wildblood (Jonesy, 2011)
Maya Deren’s Sink (Barbara Hammer, 2011)

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