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Physicists from all over the world in search of the theoretical Higgs-Boson particle gathered together in Switzerland to recreate conditions immediately after the Big Bang, allowing us to move closer to an understanding of the origin of matter. Physicist-turned-filmmaker Mark Levinson was there with his cameras and he found a way of approaching the experiment as an epic adventure story. β€œThe film is a tribute to the creativity and curiosity that drive scientific research.” β€” New York Times. (2K DCP presentation)

There will be a post-film panel discussion with IU scientists involved in the CERN project. Panelists include:

Hal Evans
Faculty member and technical coordinator for the US-ATLAS upgrade project

Daria Zieminska
Research Scientist with a long involvement in the ATLAS project

Denver Whittington
IU postdoc, was an IU grad student on ATLAS at CERN from 2007-2010

Ben Weinert
IU graduate student

This event is sponsored by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and the Department of Physics and is also part of IU Cinema's Science on Screen series.

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