About Walter

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Comedy, Drama
Walter believes himself to be the son of God and judges whether people will spend eternity in heaven or hell. It’s a lot to manage along with his job at a movie theater, his loving but neurotic mother, and his unspoken affection for his co-worker Kendall. When Greg, a ghost stuck in purgatory, interrupts Walter’s daily routine and everything comes to a halt. Greg and his shrink, Dr. Corman, help Walter to reassess the meaning of his life, and his past, which may include finding a way to win over Kendall’s heart … (HD presentation)

Indiana University alumni Andrew J. West (actor, Walter, The Walking Dead, Greek, Nightmare Code); Brenden Patrick Hill (producer, Purple Bench Films; Walter, The Dark Knight: Begins); and Paul Shoulberg (writer, Walter) are scheduled to be present.

The event is made possible with support from the Monroe County (Ind.) Chapter of the Indiana University Alumni Association, the Indiana University Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance, and the Grant Street Inn.

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