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Orgasm Inc. captures enlightening behind-the-scenes footage, revealing a drug company’s fevered development race to get the first FDA-approved Viagra for women on the market. The documentary provides humorous and sobering insight into the cash-fueled industry of big pharma. The film follows and documents Leonore Tiefer, founder of New View Campaign, and Campaign activists as they challenge the medicalization of sexuality. Orgasm Inc. screens as part of “Critique – Resist – Transform: Feminist Scholar Activism and New View Campaign,” a conference held at IU Bloomington, Oct. 6–8. This screening is sponsored by New View Campaign: Challenging the Medicalization of Sex; Kinsey Institute; School of Public Health; Center for Sexual Health Promotion; Department of Gender Studies; and IU Cinema. Director Elizabeth Canner is scheduled to be present. (HD Presentation)

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