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A New York actress visits her old friend, a frustrated sex researcher in rural Indiana. Once close friends, they’ve not seen each other in a few years. The women embark on a road trip that leads them to confront their fears and rediscover the bonds that unite them across distance and time. Filmed in Bloomington, Ind., Rosehill is a meditation on people, places, and the way lives collide and change course. Director Brigitta Wagner is scheduled to be present.  (2K DCP Presentation)

Brigitta Wagner

Brigitta Wagner began working in documentary production, curation, film journalism, and archival work at Dartmouth College. She went on to a graduate degree in film history and theory from Freie Universität Berlin and a PhD from Harvard University. Wagner resides in Berlin as an author and is developing her second feature film. She is also part of the WOLF Kino collective and teaches at the MET Film School.

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