About Tom at the Farm

Year Released:
Drama, Thriller

Québécois enfant terrible Xavier Dolan’s fourth feature was completed at the tender age of 24. Adapted from a play by Michel Marc Bouchard, famous for the Genet-inspired 1987 theatrical coup Lilies, Tom at the Farm pushes the director’s voluptuous aesthetics into new territories of psychological and erotic suspense. When the grieving Tom (Xavier Dolan) travels to the rural home of his deceased boyfriend Guillaume, he finds himself having to navigate his own uncertain place among Guillaume’s staunchly traditional family—uncomprehending mother Agathe (Lise Roy) and imposing, contemptuous brother Francis (Pierre Yves-Cardinal). Dolan pulls the audience into heady swirls of attraction, repulsion, desire, and violence. In French with English subtitles. Ryan Powell, a professor of Cinema and Media Studies in The Media School at IU, will introduce the screening. Contains mature content. (2K DCP Presentation)

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