About The World of William Wegman (Shorts Program)

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Photo credit: © William Wegman  

Known for the Sesame Street sketches starring his beloved Weimaraners, William Wegman is also a pioneering and prolific video artist. These shorts from 1976–98 reveal a different side of Wegman. Among others, titles include Man Ray, Man Ray, a dual biography of Wegman’s first canine collaborator and his surrealist namesake; Late Night, a recreation of Wegman’s visit to David Letterman; and The Hardly Boys in Hardly Gold, an outrageous sendup of the Hardy Boys starring sisters Batty and Crooky (in the narrator’s words, “Hardly boys, they were girls and dogs”). (HD Presentation)

Short films in this program include:

Man Ray, Man Ray, 1978, 5:23 min., color, sound

Accident, 1979, 4:17 min., color, sound

Gray Hairs, 1976, 5:10 min., color, sound

Selected Works: Reel 8, 1997–98, 25:52 min., color, sound (Reel 8 includes the following films: Ordinary Deck, Stagehand, Typist, Installed Guitar, What's the Story?, Denatured Alcohol, Car Wouldn't Start, Log Cabin Cinnamon Toast, Two Dogs, Living Room of the Future, Phone Card, Crossing Guard, Late Night)

The Hardly Boys in Hardly Gold, 27:02 min., color, sound

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