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Crimson Film Festival is the largest showcase of undergraduate film content at Indiana University. It gives young filmmakers the rare chance to see their work projected on a big screen with a THX-certified sound system. The diversity of the content is a reflection of the rich diversity at IU. A hilarious comedy about Bigfoot hunters can be quickly followed by a heartbreaking tale of a mime’s life-changing romance. (HD Presentation)

 This screening is sponsored by the Indiana Student Cinema Guild and IU Cinema. This partnership is supported through IU Cinema’s Creative Collaborations program.

2017 Crimson Film Festival line-up Peach Fuzz (1:24)
Directed by Rena Johnson
A young woman recalls a magical summer.

The Delivery Boy (3:54)
Directed by Jacob Schorr
A delivery boy gets caught up in a criminal deal.

Don’t Look Back (16:07)
Directed by Jesse Pasternack
A former child actor confronts his past.

Post Man (8:54)
Directed by Zachary Zurcher
An agent who hunts mutants in the future faces a moral dilemma.

Repopulate (14:46)
Directed by Sam Oates and Spencer Bowman
In a future where the population of humans is declining, two friends discover that a new dating app is more sinister than it seems.

Routine (13:27)
Directed by Jeremy Tatara
A young man experiences the justice system’s new system of sentencing after he receives an artificially intelligent lamp.

Don’t Eat My Pizza (2:44)
Directed by Sami Masaki
A young woman gets angry at her roommate for eating her leftovers.

Black (4:36)
Directed by Jeremy Tatara
An exploration of the deep dimensions that come with the absence of light.

Teddy (9:11)
Directed by Jeremy Tatara
A teddy bear struggles to make sense of a great loss.

Balloon (2:54)
Directed by Jesse Pasternack
A kind-hearted student has to deal with the aftermath of a political protest when he receives a distinctive balloon.

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