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Comedy, Drama
Both screenings of Columbus are now sold out. There are no more tickets available. We will not have a standby line for these sold-out screenings.

However, the film is also screening at YES! Cinema in Columbus, Ind., through at least September 21: YES! Cinema online ticketing.
Director Kogonada is scheduled to be present for the September 15 screening only.  

Set in the little-known Midwestern town of Columbus, Ind., Casey lives with her mother and is haunted by the promise of modernism. She meets Jin, a visitor from the other side of the world, who is attending to his dying father. Burdened by the future, they find respite in one another and the architecture that surrounds them. Indiewire called it “one of the best films at this year’s Sundance.” This is the feature directorial debut of video essayist, Kogonada, who has been noted by Filmmaker Magazine as one of the “25 New Faces of Independent Film” and The New Yorker for his visual work and film criticism which has been commissioned by the Criterion Collection and Sight & Sound. Special thanks to Dean Otto. (2K DCP Presentation)

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