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Director Megan Griffiths is scheduled to be present.  

Inspired by Megan Griffiths’ own experience working the night shift, The Off Hours explores the loneliness and quiet longing of a life filled with casual encounters and transient friendships. Amy Seimetz (Tiny Furniture, Upstream Color, Alien: Covenant) alluringly commands the screen as Francine, a truck-stop waitress whose liberation from her mundane existence is long overdue. What she wants is out of reach—or is it that she’s lost track of wanting anything at all? When a banker turned big-rig driver (Ross Partridge, Baghead, Stranger Things) becomes a regular, he sparks hope in Francine. As change begins to invade the quiet diner, she’s reminded it is never too late to become the person she was meant to be. (HD Presentation)

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