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LEADING SCHOLARSHIP ON CHINESE CINEMA This event will feature a discussion with filmmaker Evans Chan about his work, following a screening of Raise the Umbrellas—a documentary film about the Umbrella Movement, the pro-democracy demonstrations that shook Hong Kong in 2014. A screening of the film was recently cancelled at the Hong Kong Center of the Asia Society, citing political concerns. In Mandarin with English subtitles. Director Evans Chan is scheduled to be present for a post-film discussion. (HD Presentation)

Evans Chan

Born in China and raised in Hong Kong, Evans Yiu Shing Chan is a critic, dramatist, and award-winning film director. Chan has been compared to the avant-garde filmmaker Chris Marker, “the most intellectual of the current crop of Hong Kong directors,” wrote Barry Long in Hong Kong Babylon. He is also a program consultant to New York’s Downtown Pace Arts Centre, a veteran cultural critic, and former advisor to the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Chan has written for the Indian-based film journal Cinemaya and The Hong Kong Standard, where he was the staff film critic from 1981 to 1984. Since 1984, Chan has divided his time between New York and Hong Kong.

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