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Blue My Mind is a fantasy/horror spin on the adolescent coming-of-age tale. With scenes of body horror and mutilation strikingly reminiscent of Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, the film follows 15-year-old Mia as she transitions into her new school and falls in with the “cool kids,” a trio of young girls who shoplift, smoke cigarettes, and flaunt their budding sexuality. Soon after her first menstrual period, Mia begins to experience a harrowing dive into an overwhelming mental and physical transformation—replete with unsettling dreams, unexplainable urges, and a radical physical change. Though Mia’s experience is confusing and tumultuous, tinged with sadness and loneliness, her story is not one of a tragic victim. She continually adapts to her changing circumstances, each adaptation more desperate than the previous, but ultimately, Mia empowers herself to handle her new reality. Contains mature content, including sexual violence, drug references, scenes depicting self harm, and nudity. In Swiss German with English subtitles.

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