About Uptight!/Black Panthers

Year Released:
Documentary, Drama, Thriller
POWER TO THE PEOPLE Uptight! (1968) Directed by Jules Dassin
Black Panthers (1969) Directed by Agnès Varda

Blacklisted filmmaker Jules Dassin returned to Hollywood to update The Informer, substituting a Black Panther-like revolutionary cadre for the Irish Republican Army, shooting on location in Cleveland’s ghetto with a mainly Black cast. (“It’s gonna blow Whitey’s mind,” one enthusiastic actor was quoted as saying.) Schematic and verbose, Uptight! has all the flaws of Dassin’s social noirs; it also shares their virtues including a sense of bottled-up rage that explodes in the apocalyptic final half-hour. Made in Oakland during the summer of 1968, Agnès Varda’s short documentary Black Panthers(28 min.) is a casually electrifying account of Black Panther Party rallies and demonstrations. (16mm/16mm Presentation)

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