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Silent/Live Accompaniment

What kind of magic happens when film students are paired with composers at the beginning of the creative process for a new film? Double Exposure is an experimental program between composition students in the Jacobs School of Music and film students in The Media School. The Indiana University Student Composers Association, with support from faculty members John Gibson, Mark Hood, Konrad Strauss, and Larry Groupé from the Jacobs School of Music, and Susanne Schwibs from The Media School, along with IU Cinema, present a program of original student work—film and music—accompanied by a live ensemble.

“What makes Double Exposure special is that the music score and the filmed image are on an equal level; the music is not in the background or subservient. And, of course, it is performed live as the film is screened … the performance is one-of-a-kind and can only be experienced in the cinema at that moment in time.” —Susanne Schwibs, Emmy Award®-winning filmmaker and lecturer in The Media School.

This program is sponsored by The Media School; Jacobs School of Music; the departments of Composition and Audio Engineering and Sound Production; the Music Scoring for Visual Media Program; and IU Cinema.

Each film will be receiving its world-premiere presentation. (2K DCP Presentation)

Double Exposure Program: An Idle Muse (6:59)
Filmmakers: Katie Crump (director), Rachel Goodman, Victor Huang
Composer: Luis Romo
Sound: Evan Berg
As any artist knows, inspiration is not always easy to come by. Creativity can very easily run dry and motivation can feel stagnant, and sometimes the only thing a person can do is walk away. We know that we want to create something good; but figuring out what exactly that is can be a tumultuous process. Andy Warhol once said, “my fascination with letting images repeat and repeat—or in film’s case ‘run on’—manifests my belief that we spend much of our lives seeing without observing.” The artist in An Idle Muse simply needs observe her subconscious muse, not just see it.

The Follower & The Followed (3:17)
Filmmaker: Kasey Poracky
Composer: Alvin Lok-Hei Tam
Sound: Graeme Martin
This short suspense film explores the theme of voyeurism through the common trope of a woman walking home alone—but with a twist. The dual perspective of both victim and stalker, and an unexpected ending, play on common outcomes and gender stereotypes seen in horror films.

World Without End (3:51)
Filmmakers: Timileyin Awobiyi, Dakota Taylor
Composer: Kathryn Jorgensen
Sound: Eric Wood
This is the story of a man who has a vision of his own death while he dreams. Whether he actually dies or not is left for the audience to decide. We wanted to present a fragmented experience of reality, the way one might recall a memory or glimpse of the future.

The Son Will Turn to Darkness (8:51)
Filmmakers: Cara Reed (director), Kevin Olds, Sanyam Dawar
Composer: John Griffith
Sound: Jonathan Black
I was 19 years old, a sophomore at a Christian Liberal Arts college, and isolated in my learning when I saw Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal for the first time. As I watched it, I cried. For the first time in my indoctrinated world, someone was articulating the questions that had been percolating in my head without words for years. The Son Will Turn to Darkness pulls from my love of Southern/Americana art and literature and combines it with my desire to understand what motivates belief in a world that increasingly feels void of both genuine faith and reasonable order.
Alerts: Contains flickering light Imagery.

Triple Kill (6:16)
Filmmakers: Li Yuqian (director), Victor Huang
Composer: Tyler Habig
Sound: Chris Alexeev
This is the story of Jim and his rebirth. He had friends who told him that he spent too much time with his imagination, so they left him. He is alone and sad. The only way he can find peace is getting rid of the personalities inside him.


Outside Bloomington (5:59)
Filmmaker: Kevin Olds
Composer: Grace Ann Lee
Sound: Nathan Bercovitz
Since I moved to Bloomington in 2011 I have been obsessed with the beauty that encapsulates our little city. I want to show everyone that Southern Indiana is nothing short of breathtaking.

Video Eyes of Plan 9 (6:14)
Filmmaker: Caleb Allison
Composer: Alvin Lok-Hei Tam
Sound: Nathan Roseboom
When our protagonist watches a special tape from the local video store it releases an interminably trapped spirit. The longer she looks the greater its power... until the tape find its next victim!

A Dose of Black (8:12)
Filmmakers: Sanyam Dawar (director), Timileyin Awobiyi
Composer: Matt Ridge
Sound: Macey Estes
Victoria wakes up from a nightmare after a heavy night of intoxication. Depressed and disturbed, she tries to understand her thoughts. As she puts different pieces of the puzzle together they dissolve into a horrific reality. A Dose of Black merges imagination, memory, and reality, drawing upon the power of mind and, perhaps, its frailty.

Le chrononaute et la sphère du temps: Time Sphere (10:16)
Filmmakers: André Seewood (director), Katie Crump, Brenden Spangler
Composer: Johnny MacMillan
Sound: Matt Crawford
In my science-fiction film I simply wanted to build a world of the future using images of the world as it is today. The film is a philosophical and romantic look into the past from a grim and dismal future. All shot in truthful black and white.

Music Ensemble I
Conductor: Pablo Devigo-Vázquez
Anne Daley, Flute
Melanie Montgomery, Clarinet
Vivian Hsu, Harp
Ellen Maloney, Violin
Eliza Bracken, Cello

Music Ensemble II
Conductor: Emily Rodeck
Meaghan Spencer, Flute
Max O'Mary, Clarinet
Joy Sun, Harp
Janani Sivakumar, Violin
Miles Edwards, Cello
Chin-Li Sophia Lo, Percussion

Student Composers Association Officer(s): Tyler Habig, Leigha Amick, Craig Davis, and Will Trachsel

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