About The Man Who Fell to Earth

Year Released:
Drama, Science Fiction

New 4K Restoration. Thomas Jerome Newton (David Bowie) is a humanoid extraterrestrial who crashes to Earth in search of a method to transport water back to his dying planet. He uses his advanced technological knowledge to establish a series of world-changing patents, and, in the process, generates tremendous wealth. Newton soon develops a method to transport water back to his home world and begins building a return spacecraft. However, on the maiden voyage of his new craft, he is seized by authorities who suspect his otherworldliness. But are they a match for his genius? Or has life on Earth already irrevocably corrupted him beyond redemption? Filled with stunning imagery, The Man Who Fell to Earth served as a spectacular acting debut for Bowie. Contains mature content, including nudity and strong language. (4K DCP Presentation)

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