About Tornando a casa (Sailing Home)

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Writer/Director Vincenzo Marra is scheduled to be present.  

Four Neapolitan and a Tunisian fishermen risk their lives by fishing in waters not far from Sicily. Before long, the camorra learns of their actions, and their licenses to fish the local waters are revoked. With nowhere to turn, they head back to North African waters, but the behavior of one member of the crew starts to endanger the others on board. The partially improvised dialogue by the cast of mostly untrained actors is delivered in the local Neapolitan dialect, which lends great authenticity to the story. Tornando a casa received the Jury Prize for Best Critic’s Week Entry at the 2001 Venice Film Festival and was acclaimed as a revival of Italian neorealism. In Neopolitan and Italian with English subtitles. (35mm Presentation) 

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