About We Tell: Collaborative Knowledges

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We Tell: Collaborative Knowledges focuses on inter- generational dialogues, unearthing lost knowledge and histories, highlighting shared experiences, and traditions and practices of storytelling. This program includes shorts from community media centers—such as Appalshop in Kentucky, Paper Tiger TV in NYC, and Scribe Video Center in Philadelphia—that view participatory media making as a tool for self-expression, education, and social change.


Films in this program include:

In the Good Old Fashioned Way, 1973, Herb E. Smith, Appalshop

Cruisin J-Town, 1974, Visual Communications

Herb Schiller Reads the New York Times #3: The Sunday Times: 712 Pages of Waste, 1980, Paper Tiger TV 

Seeds of Awakening: The Early Nation of Islam in Philadelphia, 2011, New Africa Center, ICPIC, Scribe Video Center, & Nation of Islam

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