About We Tell: States of Violence

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Concerns of the American criminal justice system are at times extremely complex, involving many stories of truth, policies, and laws that can center around just one case. We Tell: States of Violence takes a personal approach from those directly affected by incarceration, police, crime, and war. From the 1970s to present day, this program demonstrates how participatory community media has enabled artists and creators to produce their own moving images in the name of creating a discourse for better socio-cultural understandings and tangible progressions towards change.


Films in this program include:

Ain’t Nobody’s Business, 1978, Lenora Champafgne, Karen Kern, Karl Spicer, Adam Steg, Marianne Wafer, YWCA Battered Women’s Program, New Orleans Video Access Center

Inside Women Inside, 1978, Christine Choy and Cynthia Maurizio/Newsreel

Just Say No: The Gulf Crisis TV Project #55, 1990, Deep Dish TV

Books Through Bars, 1997, Books Through Bars & Scribe Video Center

Military Options, 2005, Third World Newsreel

M4BL: Ceremony, 2016, Movement for Black Lives

A Cop Watcher’s Story: El Grito de Sunset Park Attempts to Deter Police Brutality, 2017, BRIC & Copwatch Brooklyn

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