About We Tell: Wages of Work

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There are endless ways in which people approach issues surrounding job opportunities, occupations, wages, unemployment, and underemployment. Wages of Work puts a spotlight on the various lives under the restraints or freedoms of these topics. Through this framework, this program includes shorts like Visual Communication’s Wataridori: Birds of Passage, which explores the legacy of first-generation Japanese Americans, and I’m NOT on the Menu made by Labor Beat, which documents fast food workers protesting their employers’ failure to take action on sexual harassment.


Films in this program include:

The United Mine Workers of America: A House Divided, 1971, Appalshop

Wataridori: Birds of Passage, 1974, Visual Communications

Plena is Work, Plena is Song, 1989, Pedro Rivera and Susan Zeig, Cinema Guild

VozMob(Mobile Voices/Voces Móviles), 2010, Institute for Popular Education of Southern California [IDEPSCA]

I’m NOT on the Menu, 2018, Gary M. Brooks and Andrew Friends, Labor Beat

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