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Set a few years after Belarus gained independence in 1990, this vibrant debut feature by writer/director Darya Zhuk follows the path of young Evelina, who dreams of moving to Chicago where she could pursue her passion for house music. However, obtaining a U.S. visa proves a difficult endeavor and, determined to flee the country, the young woman takes the risk of buying a letter of employment from the black market. Depicting a nation anticipating a brighter future, Crystal Swan is a story about a woman and her country, where feelings of self and belonging are yet to be defined. The film was selected as the Belarusian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards—Belarus’s first Oscar submission in 22 years. The Crystal Swan soundtrack features tracks from a handful of Chicago club legends, including Marshall Jefferson and Derrick Carter. In Russian with English subtitles. Contains mature content, including sexual violence and drug references.

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