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Don and Jerry, factory workers who grew up on comic books and B-movies, are fulfilling a lifetime dream: they’re producing their own low-budget horror movie. Jeff and Joel, lovers and cinema-verité filmmakers, and a friend of theirs named Mark have come out to Michigan to help the dream come true: they’re shooting The Demon Lover for Don and Jerry. Two weeks after production starts, Jeff and Joel and Mark are fleeing Michigan—bullets ricocheting off the car—their lives and a complete record of the events in jeopardy. The subject of Demon Lover Diary isn’t just the ups-and-downs of making a horror movie. It’s about cultural snobbery, the disintegration of friendship, puppy love, violence, boredom, money … a diary about encountering the Midwest when you’re from someplace else. “I wouldn’t want anyone to think the horror movie wasn’t Serious Business. After all, Don and Jerry’s method of financing it is a model for all filmmakers. Don mortgaged his furniture and car—which netted $3,000—and Jerry cut off his finger in an industrial 'accident.' The finger netted $8,000. Jerry’s only regret was that if he’d waited a year, he would have gotten $15,000 for it.” (–Joel DeMott) Contains mature content, including violence and strong language.

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