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Eastern Ukraine, 2025. A desert unsuitable for human habitation. Water is a dear commodity brought by trucks. A wall  is being built up on the border. Sergiy, a former soldier, and Katya, on a mission dedicated to exhuming the past, try to return to some sort of normal life in which they are also allowed to fall in love again. A prize-winner at the Venice Film Festival and Ukraine's official selection for the 2021 Academy Awards. [106 mins; drama; Ukrainian with English subtitles]

"Vasyanovych's tone is distinct; not to mention timely. The crisis he depicts can be as dull as it is dramatic, making Atlantis an eerily topical watch." – Anna Smith, Deadline Hollywood Daily

"It's an anti-war film without solutions, but what it clear is that Vasyanovych believes in humanity rebuilding from tragedy." – Jenny Nulf, Austin Chronicle

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