About The Long Farewell/Dolgie provody

The Long Farewell depicts a seemingly banal story of a jealous and possessive  mother and her aloof, lonely son, but grows into a wonderful and frightening analysis of alienation between genders and the misunderstanding between generations against the background of a bleak and dehumanized reality. Before its release, The Long Farewell was banned after it was labelled as dissident, counterrevolutionary, and anti-Soviet, while director Kira Muratova was permanently suspended from film shooting and had to work as a librarian. Shot in 1971, the picture wasn't released until 16 years later in 1987. [97 mins; drama; Russian with English subtitles]

"Muratova’s most lyrical film, a delicate, heart-breaking portrait of loneliness and unrequited longing." – scholar and critic Dr. Elena Gorfinkel

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