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When Julia (Maika Monroe, It Follows, Villains, Honey Boy) and her boyfriend move to a foreign city, she often finds herself alone—or so she thinks. While a serial killer stalks the city, Julia increasingly feels a presence watching her. Is the mysterious stranger in the window across the street just curious, or something more devious? Director Chloe Okuno's (V/H/S/94) stylish psychological thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat, guessing who is really being watched, and by whom? [91 mins; horror, thriller; English & Romanian with English subtitles]

"Okuno’s taut feature artfully reconstructs a Hitchcockian thriller around, yes, a blonde heroine in Monroe, but one with her own gaze and distinct anxieties." — Jake Coyle, Associated Press

"A chilly and elegant thriller." — Sheila O'Malley,

"Okuno's masterful, claustrophobic direction and Monroe's empathetic lead performance make Watcher a must-watch." — Trace Thurman, Horror Queers

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