About Abstract Movies

Abstract Movies | Directed by George L.K. Morris: A writer, painter, and sculptor, George L.K. Morris “insisted that art aspire to a state of abstract purity” (Gregory Galligan), advocating for its possibilities throughout his life and becoming a founding member of the American Abstract Artists. With Abstract Movies, Morris did a series of shorts that are the only known examples of an established American abstract painter creating purposeful film abstractions. [11 mins; shorts; no dialogue]

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About AB: The Life and Work of Albert Bloch

AB: The Life and Work of Albert Bloch | Directed by Tim De Paepe: The first documentary to unravel the remarkable story of Albert Bloch, the only American artist to be included in the first exhibition of Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider), a revolutionary group of artists that featured iconic Expressionists like Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, and August Macke. Bloch’s connections to these avant-garde figures, what happened to him following this influential period, and how his work fell into relative obscurity are all addressed. Featuring many of his little-known paintings and passages from his poetry, the film’s focus on Bloch’s lifelong commitment to finding spiritual truth through art remains at its heart. [48 mins; documentary; English]


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