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This powerful documentary explores Camp Jened, started in the 1970s as a ramshackle camp “utopia” for teens with disabilities. Co-directed by James Lebrecht, a former Jened camper, the film focuses on one early group of campers and their experiences with a growing, diverse community and sanctuary away from stigma and isolation. Bolstered by an experience where disability was normal, former campers embraced a new group identity and helped found the disability rights movement, which ultimately led to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. [106 mins; documentary; English] A Q&A with Director of the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community Dr. Derek Nord, Special Education PhD student Ross Edelstein, and IU Dept. of History associate professor Ben Irvin will follow the screening.

This film will be screened with open captioning. ASL interpretation will also be available for the introduction and Q&A portions of the program.

“A vital and joyful work that puts a lesser-known part of American civil rights history on the map.” – Sophie Monks Kaufman, Sight & Sound

“This film would be compelling enough for its tales from the front lines of a civil rights battle, but it's also a satisfying depiction of underdogs rising up.” – Phil Gule,

“This documentary sneaks up on you, grabbing your interest with music and history, but keeping it with the candid footage of souls, both young and old, asking for acceptance.” – Dan Buffa, KSDK News

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