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Part murder mystery, part dystopian science-fiction thriller, Gattaca depicts a future society that uses genetic engineering to produce haves and have-nots. Vincent (Ethan Hawke) is an “in-valid” whose lack of genetic enhancement restricts him from following his dreams of space travel… until he takes on the identity of a genetically pure but paralyzed “valid” (Jude Law). Vincent secures a job with a prestigious space program, a relationship with one of his genetically perfect co-workers (Uma Thurman), and a chance to join a team in space, but DNA found at a murder scene implicates him and jeopardizes everything. [106 mins; drama, sci-fi; English] A Q&A with IU Human Biology assistant director and senior lecturer Andrew Libby and Human Biology visiting assistant professor Jennifer Cullin will follow the screening.

“Stylishly scoped with ice-blue hues and smartly visualized with a forbiddingly cold design, Gattaca is an intelligently-conceived sci-fi chiller.” – Duane Byrge, Hollywood Reporter

“A thoughtful hybrid of sci-fi, thriller, and character drama.” – Jason Bailey, Vice

“This stately, stunningly beautiful picture evokes a future in which present-day prejudices and neuroses have been taken to new, insidious scientifically rationalized heights.” – Maitland McDonagh, TV Guide

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