About The Mermaid/Mei ren yu

A beautiful mermaid (Jelly Lin) falls for a developer (Deng Chao) who threatens the ecosystem of her species. This eco parable is one of most popular Chinese films of the past 5 years—and this is a rare chance to see this visually stunning film on the big screen! [94 mins; comedy, drama, fantasy; Mandarin with English subtitles]

"In The Mermaid, Chow never forgets that the camera is the funniest tool at his disposal, and the only one that speaks in a language that everyone can understand." – David Ehrlich, Slate

"A visual reprieve from the cumbersomely mechanized aesthetic of so much contemporary fantasy." – Chuck Bowen, Slant

"The wildest, most bats**t blockbuster movie of the year." – GQ

This screening is generously supported by the Women's Philanthropy Leadership Council.

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