About Friday the 13th Part 2

When Crystal Lake head counselor Paul relates the story of Jason Voorhees, a boy who ostensibly drowned at the camp and whose mother murdered a group of counselors in revenge, no one takes the tale seriously. That is, until a very-much-alive Jason begins gruesomely eliminating people. [87 min; horror; English]

"Friday the 13th Part 2 isn't just a bloodbath spectacle, it's a well-crafted film nuanced with suspense, credible characterizations, and a sympathetic villain." — MovieWeb

"More economical, more intense, and more exciting than the first film." — Horror Obsessive

"Part 2...rises above the formula by being populated with dynamic and realistic characters including one of the all-time great final girls, planting the seeds of what would become an iconic killer, and having a far more refined filmmaking style than many of its peers." — Bloody Disgusting

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