About Escape the Week Mega Marathon

Finals got you down? The 9-to-5 stressing you out? Swing by the IU Cinema and take a break from it all! Doors open at 11:30am with films screening back-to-back, starting at 12pm. There will be no intermissions, but we are scheduling a five-minute bathroom break between the start of each film. You can stay for as long or as little as you like!

And, this is big: we’re breaking our own rules… that’s right, SNACKS WILL BE ALLOWED! Snacks, drinks in resealable/enclosed containers (there are no cupholders in the Cinema!), and finger foods that do not emit a strong odor will be allowed for this event. Alcohol, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and illicit drugs are prohibited at IU Cinema.

Please note that all start times are approximate.

National Treasure (2004)  |  Dir. Jon Turteltaub  |  PG  |  12pm: A historian races to find the legendary Templar Treasure before a team of mercenaries does. [131 min; action, adventure, mystery; English]

Valley Girl (1983)  |  Dir. Martha Coolidge  |  R  |  2:15pm: Can a girl from the Valley and a punk from the city make romance work? [99 min; comedy, romance; English]

Vampire’s Kiss (1988)  |  Dir. Robert Bierman  |  R  |  4pm: Publishing executive by day, vampire by night. Or is Peter Loew just losing his mind? [103 min; comedy, crime, fantasy; English]

Raising Arizona (1987)  |  Dir. Joel Coen  |  PG-13  |  5:50pm: The Coen Bros.’ classic about a stolen baby, crooks, and one couple trying to be a family. [104 min; comedy, crime; English]

Wild at Heart (1990)  |  Dir. David Lynch  |  R  |  7:30pm: Sailor and Lula just want to live, but devious mothers, hitmen, and a caper gone wrong threaten their every move. [125 min; comedy, crime, drama; English]

Mandy (2018)  |  Dir. Panos Cosmatos  |  Not rated  |  9:40pm: A couple’s life is shattered by a hippie cult and their demon-biker henchmen, propelling a man into a surreal rampage of vengeance. [121 min; action, fantasy, horror; English] 

Any film screened at IU Cinema may contain content that viewers find sensitive or upsetting. Visit our Audience Advisories page to learn more.

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