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Edmond O’Brien is mob boss Murdock who—while serving a term in federal prison—becomes a singing sensation with his hit tune “Rock Around the Rock Pile.” Once he’s sprung, Murdock hires impoverished agent Tom Miller (Tom Ewell) not to promote his own career, but to turn his curvaceous lady friend Jerri Jordan (Jayne Mansfield) into a star. Alas, Jerri has no singing or acting talent whatsoever, a fact that she’s eager and willing to admit. A domestic type at heart, all Jerri really wants out of life is to marry Murdock so that she can clean his house, cook his meals, and raise his children. While much of the humor in the film is dated, The Girl Can’t Help It is an invaluable record of the 1950’s pop-music scene and features an all-star roster of guest artists, including Little Richard And His Band, Julie London, Ray Anthony, Fats Domino, and The Platters.

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