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There are endless ways in which people approach issues surrounding job opportunities, occupations, wages, unemployment, and underemployment. We Tell: Wages of Work puts a spotlight on the various lives under the restraints or freedoms of these topics. Through this framework, this program includes shorts like Visual Communication’s Wataridori: Birds of Passage, which explores the legacy of first-generation Japanese Americans, and Los Trabajadores, made by Scribe and CATA (El Comite de Apoyo a Los Trabajadores Agricolas), which tells the day-to-day experiences of mushroom farm laborers in Pennsylvania.


Films in this program include:

Finally Got the News, 1970, Detroit Newsreel

The United Mine Workers of America: A House Divided , 1971, Appalshop

Wataridori: Birds of Passage, 1974, Visual Communications

Los Trabajadores CATA, 2002, CATA & Scribe

VozMob/Mobile Voices, 2010–present, VozMob 

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