About Los Tiburones (The Sharks)

Not rated
Year Released:

The quiet atmosphere at a small beach resort is rattled by the suspicion of an atypical shark invasion. Fourteen-year-old Rosina thinks she saw something in the water, but no one seems to be paying much attention to her. Her family is more concerned about their tight economic situation and the approaching summer season. When her father recruits her to do maintenance work around town, she meets Joselo, a slightly older fisherman. Among dirty swimming pools, pompous gardens, and deserted beaches, Rosina begins to circle her own prey as her intense attraction to her older co-worker grows. But the feeling is hardly mutual. To get his attention, she comes up with a convoluted, poorly planned strategy, going about it stealthily and menacingly—as if inspired by the mysterious dorsal-finned predators looming large in the seaside town’s consciousness. In Spanish with English subtitles.  Contains mature content, including sexual situations and strong language.

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