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After many ill-fated attempts to adapt Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road, Walter Salles finally succeeded with this high-budget, star-studded production. Salles, the award-winning Brazilian filmmaker best known in the U.S. for The Motorcycle Diaries (2004), captures the romance of the road, which is such an intrinsic aspect of Kerouac’s novel about his travels with Neal Cassady and such an important part of the American mythos. The editing captures something of Kerouac’s jazz rhythms and the soundtrack pays homage to his writings on jazz, many of which appear in the book. Produced by Francis Ford Coppola and financed largely by French companies, the film premiered at Cannes, where it competed for the Palme D’Or. It was then shown in wide release in France, when Jim Canary brought the On the Road scroll to Paris. [137 mins; drama; English, French, and Spanish]

On the Road takes you on a visual and emotionally visceral experience of freedom and freedom of expression.” – Debbie Lynn Elias, Behind the Lens

“Salles' On the Road brings this major work back to its original scale: small, intimate and still wild at heart.” – Stephen Salto, Moveable Feast

“Captures the pure exhilaration of freedom for its own sake.” Christopher Lloyd, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

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