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School Daze (1988)  |  Dir. Spike Lee  |  R  |  12pm: Spike Lee (who also stars as Half-Pint) injects musical numbers into this tale of discord at an all-Black college. Featuring Laurence Fishburne, Giancarlo Esposito, Tisha Campbell, Ossie Davis, and Bill Nunn. [120 mins; comedy, drama, musical; English]

Better Luck Tomorrow (2002)  |  Dir. Justin Lin  |  R  |  2:10pm: Justin Lin directed and co-wrote this drama about a group of Asian-American scholars turned gangstas in affluent Orange County, Cal. A scathing look at teen hubris and moral disintegration. Lin maxed out 10 credit cards to finance the film, then received a cash advance from MC Hammer. The story is loosely based on a 1992 murder case. [101 mins; drama, crime; English]

Blockers (2018)  |  Dir. Kay Cannon  |  R  |  3:55pm: Meddling parents who discover that their three teenage daughters have made a pact to lose their virginities on prom night decide to intervene and stop them by following the girls during the night's various wild festivities. [102 mins; comedy; English]

Summer School (1987)  |  Dir. Carl Reiner  |  PG-13  |  5:45pm: A gym teacher (Mark Harmon) is conned into handling a remedial English class in exchange for a Hawaiian vacation. [98 mins; comedy; English]

The Faculty (1998)  |  Dir. Robert Rodriguez  |  R  |  7:30pm: High schoolers face an onslaught of aliens who have taken over the bodies of their teachers. [105 mins; horror, sci-fi; English]

Rushmore (1998)  |  Dir. Wes Anderson  |  R  |  9:20pm: A precocious, preoccupied 15-year-old develops a crush on a teacher and befriends an eccentric tycoon who falls in love with the same woman. Soon, the prep-schooler and the millionaire do battle in an escalating war of dangerous pranks. [93 mins; comedy, drama; English]

The Craft (1996)  |  Dir. Andrew Fleming  |  R  |  11pm: Entertaining horror yarn about four high-school witches who practice sorcery on fellow students. Marked by a brisk pace and gruesome effects. [100 mins; horror, drama; English]

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