About Blaxploitalian: 100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema

A documentary that uncovers the careers of Black actors in Italian cinema, crafted through modern-day interviews and archival footage. The film discloses the personal struggles and triumphs that classic Afro-Italian, African American and Afro-descendant actors faced in the Italian film industry, while mirroring their struggles with those of contemporary actors who are working diligently to find respectable, significant, and non-stereotypical roles but are often unable to do so. Blaxploitalian is more than an unveiling of a troubled history; it is a call-to-action for increased diversity in international cinema through the stories of these artists in an effort to reflect the modern and racially diverse Italy. [65 mins; documentary; English and Italian with English subtitles]

Director Fred Kudjo Kuwornu is scheduled to be present. Kuwornu is an Italian of African descent, a filmmaker, and an activist-producer-educator. Born and raised in Italy and based in Brooklyn, he is best known as the director of critically acclaimed documentaries such as Blaxploitalian, Inside Buffalo, and 18 IUS SOLI.

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