About Blaxploitalian: 100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema

A documentary that uncovers the careers of Black actors in Italian cinema, crafted through modern-day interviews and archival footage. The film discloses the personal struggles and triumphs that classic Afro-Italian, African American and Afro-descendant actors faced in the Italian film industry, while mirroring their struggles with those of contemporary actors who are working diligently to find respectable, significant, and non-stereotypical roles but are often unable to do so. Blaxploitalian is more than an unveiling of a troubled history; it is a call-to-action for increased diversity in international cinema through the stories of these artists in an effort to reflect the modern and racially diverse Italy. [65 mins; documentary; English and Italian with English subtitles]

Director Fred Kudjo Kuwornu is scheduled to be present. Kuwornu is an Italian of African descent, a filmmaker, and an activist-producer-educator. Born and raised in Italy and based in Brooklyn, he is best known as the director of critically acclaimed documentaries such as Blaxploitalian, Inside Buffalo, and 18 IUS SOLI.

In addition to this screening, Kuwornu will also be giving a free talk entitled "Representing Blackness in Italy" in the Global and International Studies Building, room 1122, on November 3 at 6pm.

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