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It has been more than ten years since Francis left Haiti following the death of his parents, massacred by soldiers of the dictatorial regime in place. Now based in Côte d'Ivoire, in Abidjan, Francis, his wife Aïssey, and their 12-year-old daughter Haïla await the birth of a son, who to Francis' excitement and Haïla's irritation is immediately regarded as the worthy heir to the Desrances name. As the birth looms, civil war erupts in Abidjan and Aïssey goes missing amidst the chaos. Determined to ward off the misfortune that has once again befallen him, Francis goes in search of her with Haïla, who courageously steps forward in ways that challenge her father's notion of what constitutes a rightful heir. [105 min; drama, thriller; French with English subtitles]

“Cementing her status as a bold voice in contemporary filmmaking, Apolline Traoré's domestic drama escalates into an intense thriller that mounts a passionate challenge to commonly-held gender roles, whilst also highlighting the human cost of civil strife.” — London Film Festival

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