About Montage Film Festival 2023

The Fourth Annual Montage Film Festival is IU's annual celebration of student-produced films. Submitted films are viewed and judged by IU alumni and awarded for several categories including Best in Show, Best Cinematography, and Best Acting or Performance.

Montage is a collaboration between IU Cinema and The Media School.

Any film screened at IU Cinema may contain content that viewers find sensitive or upsetting. Visit our Audience Advisories page to learn more.


Eldritch (2023, 10 min) | Directed by Duke Moosbrugger

Eldritch chronicles a paranormal investigator’s journey through an abandoned home where he uncovers that there is something much more sinister at play.


Memories (2023, 3 min) | Directed by David Woods

A heartwarming comparison between the scenes of a home and the childhood memories that took place there.


Again (2023, 8 min) | Directed by Dylan Dankel

Within the ever-shifting culture of the world of “high art,” DuPont, a former child prodigy painter from France, struggles to maintain her high standard of perfection upon moving to New York in 1953.


These Days (2023, 10 min) | Directed by Polina Saburova

Polina, a Russian immigrant, tries to come to terms with her own identity. She and her alter-ego take a road trip across the country and compare their views of what it feels like to be in the US, what home means to both of them, and why they are on the road in the first place.


The Deal (2023, 4 min) | Directed by Tessa Haag

When a young musician is offered a deal he can't refuse, he must trade his dreams for his life.


Renewal (2023, 6 min) | Directed by Katie Rebekk & Lilly Luse

A young woman battling the aftermath of sexual assault seeks revenge


Headspace (2023, 5 min) | Directed by Sophia Haboush

An experimental film that expresses the feelings of anxiety and peace though composites of archival video and images. Taking inspiration from the principals and techniques of dada and surrealism, Headspace uses unorthodox techniques and focuses on the internal space.


Non-resident Alien (2023, 9 min) | Directed by Khurram Nawaz Sheikh

A short live-action film that captures the diasporic feeling of loss and belonging as a couple comes to terms with the reality of leaving their lives behind in the US to return to their country.


The Daylight Trembles (2023, 5 min) | Directed by Brian Flaherty & Gaby Rondel

Nature mimics emotions as a young couple struggles to fight for their relationship in the face of depression and other mental health issues.


Trigger Warning (2023, 7 min) | Directed by Gabriel Turner & Myla Tissandier

A local news anchor begins to lose his mind as reality breaks around him in the studio and he learns that not everything is what it seems.


Beauty of Living (2023, 5 min) | Directed by Mark Holder

The game of life is beautifully unique, its moments to be cherished, singled out like a note in a song.


Ripples in Still Waters (2023, 10 min) | Directed by Narmeen Ijaz

This experimental film visually translates the struggles of a Black woman to find a space for her artistic voice, a voice that does not conform to a traditional approach to acting.


Hill (2022, 4 min) | Directed by Owen Bagwell

A man recovering from an intense break-up receives a voicemail from their ex-girlfriend.


What to Do After 2022 (2023, 2 min) | Directed by Colin Preston Wood & Myla Chae Tissandier

Colin Wood and Myla Tissandier help come up with a few goals you can get done before the year ends. From cats shooting lasers out of their eyes to driving off a cliff, Colin and Myla greatly exaggerate their different ideas.


Martini (2022, 2 min) | Directed by Simon Andrew Mayer

An overextended assistant director on a student short film struggles to coordinate his crew while preparing the last setup of the shoot.

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