About Seven Beauties/Pasqualino Settebellezze

Nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Director, Seven Beauties stars Giancarlo Giannini, known in Naples as “Pasqualino Seven Beauties.” A petty thief who lives off of the profits of his seven sisters while claiming to protect their honor at any cost, Pasqualino (Giannini) is arrested for murder and later sent to fight in the army after committing sexual assault. The Germans capture him, and he gets sent to a concentration camp where he plots to make his escape by seducing a German officer. [116 min; comedy, drama, war; English, German, and Italian with English subtitles] 

"Its virtuoso style, demonstrating once again Miss Wertmuller's mastery of filmmaking, is used to tell us a story that's very opaque, despairing, and bottomless." — Roger Ebert

"A stimulating movie that provokes thought and emotion in perfect cadence." — Dale Pollock, Santa Cruz Sentinel

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5X: Lina Wertmüller is generously supported by the Department of French and Italian's Peter and Julia Conaway Bondanella Fund and the Institute for European Studies.

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