About Camera Loosely: Maria Denolt Presents a History of Photography

This workshop will take place at the Eskenazi Museum of Art. Limited space available; registration is required. Register here.

When Daguerre invented the photograph in 1839, Maria Denolt warned him, "You can lead a camera to water, but that’s not a very good idea.” Join Maria Denolt as she lectures on the history of that light-loving art form we call “photography.” From early experiments with light-sensitive chemistry to images from space telescopes, Denolt will introduce key moments in the development of photography and share tips for appreciating photographic works of art. Camera Loosely will consider key questions such as: What makes a photograph “good?” Will you grow hair on your palms if you take too many selfies? Is everyone named Cameron actually a camera? Photographs might lie, but Maria Denolt doesn’t. Join us and say cheese.

Maria Denolt is a fictional "art critic, lecturer, lofty person.” An emanation from the sublime ether of the Muses, Maria appears before crowds in museums, galleries, and waffle restaurants to explain modern and contemporary art. Originally created by Dani Lamorte for a series of guerrilla performances at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Maria Denolt mixes art history with speculative madness, inviting viewers to engage with works of art using their own life experiences and cultural references. Do you understand art? Of course you don’t. Maria Denolt hasn’t explained it to you yet.

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