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When sadistic thugs attack John Wick (Keanu Reeves)—a brilliantly lethal, but retired, ex-assassin—he hunts them down with the skill, ruthlessness, and precision that made him an underworld legend. Ian McShane, Lance Reddick, John Leguizamo, Willem Dafoe, and Bridget Moynahan co-star in this extraordinary feat of world-building that resulted a decade later in a global franchise phenomenon. [101 min; action, thriller; English, Russian, and Hungarian with English subtitles]

"The blood-slicked, vividly drawn film universe John Wick illustrates is such a generous slice of pulp that, even if not original, per se, it exudes a confidence rarely seen these days." — Scott Wold, Paste Magazine

"At the center of it all stands Reeves, a convincing embodiment of both the calm before the storm and its subsequent capacity for ruin." — William Goss, Austin Chronicle

"Reeves is wonderful here, a marvel of physicality and stern determination—he moves with the grace of an old-school swashbuckler." — Stephanie Zacharek, Village Voice

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