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Still image from The Wicker Man.

New 4K Restoration

The Wicker Man

Thurs, Sept 28, 7 pm

Still image from Cadejo Blanco.

Cadejo Blanco

Fri, Sept 29, 7 pm

Still image from Trim Season.

Midwest Premiere

Trim Season and Haute Tension/High Tension

Fri, Sept 29, 10 pm

Still image from Cadejo Blanco.

Cadejo Blanco

Sat, Sept 30, 7 pm

Still image from Red-Headed Woman.

New 2K Restoration

Red-Headed Woman

Sat, Sept 30, 4 pm

Still image from Early Works/Rani radovi.

Filmmaker Scheduled to Appear

Early Works/Rani radovi

Tues, Oct 3, 7 pm

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Werner Herzog

It’s the best place in the entire Midwest . . . maybe one of the best in the country.

Werner Herzog, director of Grizzly Man and Fitzcarraldo

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