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The first film of director Satyajit Ray’s celebrated “Apu trilogy,” Pather Panchali is a gripping tale of a boy’s survival in rural, impoverished Bengal. Young Apu (Subir Banergee) is the lens through which we experience a family’s struggle after the father leaves his job as a local priest to find better employment elsewhere. Pather Panchali is a touching depiction of a family’s collaboration in the face of impossible conditions, and Ray gives the film a sense of incredible immediacy through his meticulous neorealist technique. With each and every trial that Apu and his family encounter, the sincerity and patience of Ray’s filmic style provides touches of hope and optimism that never feel contrived.

Restored by the Satyajit Ray Preservation Project through a collaboration of the Academy Film Archive, the Merchant-Ivory Foundation and the Film Foundation. Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.

Introduction is being provided by Landon Palmer, PhD Candidate in the Department of Communication and Culture.

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