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Before he took aim at the absurdities of Cold War rhetoric in Dr. Strangelove and the horrors of Vietnam in Full Metal Jacket, Stanley Kubrick directed Paths of Glory, one of cinema’s most impassioned anti-war films. Kirk Douglas is at his best as a colonel grappling with the dehumanization of combat and the foolish machinery of command in the armed forces. Join us as we mark the centennial of the First World War with one of cinema’s most haunting depictions of the period. (2K DCP presentation)

The City Lights Film Series is co-sponsored by Indiana University’s Department of Communication and Culture and IU Cinema. All films are programmed from the title list in the David Bradley Collection, held by the Lilly Library and Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive. 35mm prints or DCP have been substituted where noted. Thanks to Dan Hassoun, James Gilmore, and Noelle Griffis, for curating this program.

This film is also part of WWI: 100 Years removed. As we mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, this multi-semester film series explores the conditions leading up to war, the harsh realities of wartime, and its effects on people and nations around the world. These cinematic reflections offer a chance to revisit the way war and violence were imagined in an earlier age and also remind us how men and women throughout the globe remain burdened by this problem today. This film series is presented by the School of Global and International Studies and IU Cinema.

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